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Have you ever wonder why you need to lit a votive candle when going in the church and then say a deep prayer? If you are thinking about the question then it is essential for you to learn a few details concerning the history of the votive candles. With this, you can learn to appreciate the use and purpose of such meaningful candles. But before that, do these candles appear in various colors and sizes? Do they appear more elegant? These questions are actually answerable by YES and if you happen to visit stores selling, for sure you’ll find candles at great varieties made handy and stylish enough. Dealing about various faith sects or religions, lighting candles can never be absent. In Judaism faith, lighted candles are really maintained and placed inside the holy temple as well as in the synagogues. Why do you think are the reasons why the Judaism believers believe that they need to maintain lighting candles inside their temples? Some think that it is being done to light the area but for the deep believers. It is for them to feel that God is present. In the later times, this votive candle appears in the Talmud belief wherein the purpose is to keep good reverence to the holy preaching of the Lord.

Traveling in these times will then offer us the knowledge that these candles are found to be very essential in many ways. In the Catholic faith, the light offered by these votive lighted candles mark a great significance to what the Lord Christ has said that he is the Light of the World. Catholics usually use such colorful candles in various ceremonies being held as well as in praying so to be enlightened by God’s presence at the same time, for a more sacred ritual. Light symbolizes a lot of things not only the light which comes from God but as well as the wisdom, virtue, graces or blessings, and many more.

With this travel through history, votive candles become more appreciated although there are still some misconceptions attached on different beliefs by faith believers and practitioners. Relating today, the use of such candles are seen in various ways not only to events that relate to religious faith but even to events ordinarily happening in everyday’s life like special occasions or school programs. You can still discover more about the votive candle varieties and aside from what you have read, there are still details that you might find interesting.

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Traveling to a foreign country and have to use your phone can be really expensive. Since the inception of roaming charges they never seem to get lower despite the advent of new and free technology on the market. Phone companies like it when you’re your phone in roaming because you are now caught in a helpless situation.

Some mobile carriers are ruthless in the way they deal with their clients charging for things that need not to be charged for. In fact the best way to avoid being charge for text messages that you don’t care about is to keep your phone on airplane mode. You will be able to access WiFi still but no incoming messages or calls will be received. Another thing which is ridiculous in this modern era is the fact that many resorts charge for WiFi service which doesn’t make sense.

If you will be traveling to Jamaica then cutting your cell phone charges is easy. There are many companies that  rent cell phone in Montego Bay Jamaica  with local Jamaican number loaded with international talk time. In fact it is cheaper to call USA, Canada and UK with from a Jamaican telephone number in Jamaica than to call a local Jamaican number.

Vacations are already expensive to many and staying in touch with family or business back home could be see your cellphone bill rise astronomically. Renting a cell phone in Jamaica can be cost effective and the idea should be explored is calling the USA, Canada or UK is required when on vacation. One can expect to pay about fifty USD for about six hundred minutes of international talk time; quite remarkable isn’t it?

Stevert Mckenzie, Jamaica Vacation Planner.

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As roads twist and turn throughout our journeys, we may often find ourselves lost if not for our technology (and an occasional gas attendant). Traveling brings us to new places, often very unfamiliar and even strange. Luckily our technological advances have done more than upgrade our entertainment systems, they have made our pathway clear.


There are an assortment of devices that you can use to help you navigate your travels. The classic way is of course to get the old road map out- but with the Internet, the map is readily available to you. Using your good old laptop can help you choose the best route before you ever get on the road. Google offers one of the most popular used sites to help you choose which road to take.

Here you can organize and print out maps to follow. While this is not a device you can necessarily utilize on the road, it can play a vital role in the planning stages of a trip and ensure your safety.

Global positioning

GPS devices that you plug into your car are still amongst the best traveling companions available. Choosing a destination is relatively easy, and you can watch yourself traverse the roads and highways on an instant basis. While these devices can be somewhat expensive, their ability to help you find and locate rest areas, gas stations, and even food are a blessing when it comes to traveling in unfamiliar territory. Some even offer traffic information to help you adjust your direction and avoid sitting still.


Of course there is the ultimate device- the epitome of handy technology to date. The smartphone offers so many applications, such as GPS, allowing you to find out where you are with the touch of a screen. Because Internet is readily available to these devices, you can search maps and locations in areas that have yet to be seen. Even research about your destination is convenient (just not while you’re driving).

Smartphones also offer the benefit of weather updates, traffic, and even road closures on a quick and effective basis. These devices keep you connected to the world via news channels through apps such as Facebook and Twitter. News channels can be some of the most insightful locations to frequent, especially because most people have satellite radio or mp3 players plugged into their dash. News applications are a big plus for any traveler, especially if you don’t know what to expect out of the weather.

Pay attention

Unfortunately for us, technology also offers a bit of distraction as well. Often we can find ourselves clicking on our GPS device or trying to plug our smartphones in. As you drive, you must always practice road safety and trust yourself before your gadgets. If you find yourself struggling with a device, pull over to the side of the road and correct any problems.

As the roads can change- sometimes slipping by the intelligence of technology, we must remember our own common sense. Safety comes first in all things- especially when it comes to technology and the road.

However, organizing your trip in such a way that you are able to visit all the destinations you are curious about and indulge in all the scrumptious delicacies you have heard about is worth all the planning. Hong Kong is the perfect place to try something new and escape from the norm of your everyday life.

Once you arrive in Hong Kong it is important to know about the types of transportation that is available to tourists. Although the city has a modern public transport system, one of the cheapest ways to get to get across the harbour is by boat. This is not only faster than taking a taxi but it also allows you to sight see while traveling to the next location. Another option for transportation is the Underground Lines. These trains operate from 6am to 12:30am. Everything from purchasing the tickets to figuring out which train to board is a breeze. Then of course there are the taxis. These can get a bit pricey depending on what time of day it is so it would be best to stick to the other two options if possible.

Hong Kong is fairly pricey in terms of accommodations and enjoying drinks at their local bars. However, you can splurge on your hotel room and get fabulous drinks at the best bars but save on food by indulging in Hong Kongs cheap and delicious street food. Unlike other countries, tipping is not expected in Hong Kong. Many establishments will add a 10% service charge when you ask for your bill. That service charge usually acts as the tip as this goes to the employees that served you.

Shopping is popular whenever one goes on vacation. If you are looking for electronics then Asia is the best place to score a deal. Expect to save up to 15% when shopping for electronic items in Hong Kong. Be aware that there is no sales tax and that if you stumble upon stores with signs claiming that their store offers tax free goods it is no different from any other store. Although prices are cheap it is always best to haggle to get the best deal possible

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Your retirement dreams may include traveling the country in a new travel trailer. However, these rigs can be very costly to purchase and operate. While renting is an alternative, another alternative is to purchase a used travel trailer. Used travel trailers are available on recreational vehicle sales lots. When you locate a used trailer that is right for you, you will enjoy traveling freedom without leaving a big hole in your pocket.
In general, the value of travel trailers depreciates at a very fast rate. In a year’s time or so, a travel trailer could have already depreciated considerably. This makes purchasing a used travel trailer very advantageous. A used trailer would definitely be a lot more affordable than a new one. In fact, you may be able to purchase a used mid-range or full-size, fully furnished Rv at the price of a new, small travel trailer.
But just like purchasing a new travel trailer, buying a used one also requires some thought and consideration. In fact, the odds of purchasing a pre-owned recreational vehicle may even be greater. With a little patience and the proper knowledge, however, overcoming the odds in purchasing a used travel trailer should be easy.
Examine the condition of a used travel trailer very carefully before buying it. Any pre-owned vehicle, whether it is a trailer, a car, a truck or a motorcycle, can have a normal appearance but may have mechanical issues and electrical damage. If you buy such a trailer, you may end up spending more money than you anticipated on repairs. Inspect your potential purchase well to avoid this issue.
As you walk through the trailer, turn on every switch to be sure that it works. Check every appliance as well. Inspect the water system and rest rooms to see if they are functioning as they should. Look at the motor and electrical system of the trailer. If these areas are not your forte, bring someone with you who knows about such things. Request a test-drive to determine that the trailer is in good working condition.
Careful research is the key to any good investment, including the purchase of a used travel trailer. If your RV dealer prices the vehicle you have in mind too high, you will be defeating your purpose of buying used. Pricing guides for vehicles are available both online and in print magazines and are easy to follow. Study these sources to learn about the prices of used travel trailers before you sign any papers.

It is quite common for people to lose their wallet while traveling. Some people may become even become the victim of wallet pickpocketing, which may sometimes result in identity theft thus causing its owner to pay huge amount from his pocket. Since majority of people store their important information such as social security card, drivers license, and credit cards in their wallets, it would be convenient for a thief if he could manage to get your wallet containing critical information, as it could be later used for several unscrupulous purposes.

But now you can be tension free during traveling, as Iwallet Corp has launched an exceptional wallet in the form of iWallet a cash and credit card wallet with the specialty is that it is the only high tech wallet developed by engineers who work in projects with NASA. iWallet stands out from ordinary leather and nylon wallets in terms of its unique, astounding features. Foremost of its distinctive features is that it could be opened or accessed only if it recognizes your finger print. Thanks to its incorporated biometric scanner. This in turn is a great way to overcome situations like identity theft and someone in your home or office trying to steal your cash or important information from your wallet.

Further, a great thing regarding this sophisticated wallet is that it not only protects your cash and important information but also your mobile phone, as it could be paired with selected PDA cellular phones via the Bluetooth Technology. As a result, it results in producing loud alarm by your mobile phone, in case your iWallet and mobile phone are separated by 15 30 ft away, thereby serving as a theft deterrent. Hard case construction and tamper resistance are the other significant features of iWallet. Additionally, it contains in it sufficient compartments and slots in order to comfortably store your important information. In short, iWallet can be regarded as a portable safe.

iWallet primarily comes with three different models such as SC-5144, LC-5346, and LC-5245, of which one is made from 100% Carbon Fiber and the other two from Carbon Fiber and Kevlar. The price of these models is US$ 599.95. If you are looking for still an affordable choice, then opt for iWallets made out of fiber glass, which you can own it for just US$ 299.00! It renders the same benefits of iWallets made from carbon fiber/ Kevlar, and allows you to choose from six different models.

Traveling to a foreign destination can be a great deal of fun and it can be very difficult to plan for as well. Because you may have little knowledge about a particular place, you might need to consider visiting a website that can provide travel advice to help you out. A truly great travel website will provide unique travel advice that can enhance your trip to whatever destination you choose.

Finding a great website that provides travel advice, should not have to be a difficult task. Many sites exist that provide travel tips, stories, reviews and other information to help you make decisions on where to stay and how to get there on your next vacation. Articles provided by other people who have been to many of the exotic locations that you may be interested in, can provide a plethora of knowledge and resources to help make decisions.

Do not make the same mistake that other people have made when planning a vacation. Learn everything that you can about avoiding the mistakes that others make and benefit from their experiences. Learn about great out-of-the-way places that you should visit that are often overlooked by the mainstream crowds when they go on a trip. If you enjoy fine dining but want to enjoy true local cuisine, many of these websites will provide information about little authentic shops that you can try and enjoy.

Travel advice is often considered a very valuable commodity and you might be expected to pay a great deal of money to learn as much as you can about your destination. However, some of the best places to find unique travel tips  provide the information from travelers from around the globe at no charge. You do not have to spend a great deal of time looking for advice. Take ten minutes to learn what you need to know about your next travel destination.

It is quite common for some people to spend more time away from home each day than they do in their own home, usually when commuting to work, or when traveling for business or vacations. A home security system can protect you when you’re home, but when you are away, Safe Home Security advises you to take certain precautions to keep yourself safe.

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, planning can be very, very important and often requires some effort. Nevertheless, it pays to learn and practice the best ways to protect yourself before any trip. Here’s a list of protection and security tips you should think about when planning your trip:

Tip#1: Let someone you trust in your neighborhood or office know your itinerary: when you’re leaving, where you’ll be, and what day you’ll be returning. Of course, if you’ll be gone for more than a day, arrange to have a trusted neighbor, friend or the police do periodic checks on your home.

Tip#2: Create the perception that someone is home. Have a neighbor or friend collect your mail, or suspend delivery temporarily. Lights can be turned on and off at night, either manually or by using timers. If you’ve authorized someone to check on your home, consider having them open and close your blinds. You can also have a neighbor park in your driveway for you, or simply park put an extra car there yourself while you’re away.

Tip#3: Suspend delivery of your newspapers if there is no one to collect them for you.

Tip#4: Arrange to have your lawn mowed and snow removed while you’re away to create the perception that you are home, or that you will not be away for a long time.

Tip#5: Always unplug electrical appliances such as toasters, coffeepots, etc., before you leave, even if they’re already off.

Tip#6: If you’re going to a new, foreign, exotic, or tropical location, prearrange contact times with someone back home; call them by cell phone or email them at predetermined intervals so they will know that if they do not hear from you as scheduled, you could be in trouble.

Tip#7: If traveling to a foreign country, consider registering with the consulate office as soon as you arrive at your destination. Tip#8: Always become familiar with your destination before you leave so that you’ll you have some advance understanding of the culture, language, landmarks, etc., and where to go if in need of assistance.

Tip#9: Always take a notarized copy of your passport with you when traveling abroad.

Tip#10: Make sure you have luggage locks; keep luggage in sight until you are certain it is in a secure location.

Tip#11: Never get into a taxi with someone other than the driver, and never let the driver stop to pick up someone you don’t know.

Tip#12: If you’re in a strange city, walk confidently as though you know where you are and where you’re going.

Tip#13: Remember to always bring an identification card with you that includes any allergies, medical history and emergency contact numbers.

Tip#14: Once arriving at your hotel, remember to learn the location of fire exits and stairs.

Tip#15: Always keep the hotel safety lock in place when you’re in your room alone.

Tip#16: Leave valuables in the hotel safe, and when you’re abroad, always take a notarized copy of your passport with you. Leave the original in the safe at your hotel to prevent it from being stolen.

Tip#17: When registering at hotels, never say your name or room number loudly. When answering your room phone, do not give your full name.

Tip#18: Consider including a rubber door wedge in your luggage; use it to further secure your door when in your room or sleeping at night to feel safer.

Tip#19: Always try to request a room on an upper floor, if possible.

Tip#20: Use your do not disturb sign whenever you’re in your room alone.

Tip#21: Whenever you arrive at your hotel room, always keep the door propped open with your luggage until you have fully inspected all areas and potential hiding places in the room.

Tip#22: Always use valet parking or ask your bellman for an escort if you’re alone, especially at night when traveling to local areas and back to your hotel.

Safe Home Security suggests that you consider these guidelines when traveling alone for business or while on vacation. Read through these suggestions when planning your trip so that you will be fully prepared to maintain a high level of personal security for yourself and your family.

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Do you worry about traveling with pills today with all of the security requirements, the body scans, the pat downs? You hear about the plastic bags you need to fit your liquids in for your carry-on bags, but what about pills and medications?

Don’t worry…. you can take your pills and other medications with you in your carry-on luggage, and you don’t have to worry about the plastic bag.

Pills are not liquids and do not need to go in your zip-top plastic bag. When you are traveling with pills, they should ALWAYS go in your carry-on, not in your checked luggage so you’re sure to have them with you.

In the U.S. the TSA says, “Non-liquid or gel medications of all kinds such as solid pills or inhalers are allowed through the security checkpoint once they have been screened. We recommend, but do not require, that your medications be labeled to assist with the screening process.” Airport security checks have been trying to “harmonize” their regulations for the last few years, so if you follow the rules you find in you county’s security website, you should be OK.

We generally dump all of our pills together into one container each, and we have never had a problem. We do carry copies of our prescriptions. That’s a good idea for a couple of reasons. First it provides some tangible information about the pills you are taking, and second if you lose your pills or you are delayed in your travels and need more, you may be able to get them with that prescription.

You will probably not have problems with security screenings on domestic flights or leaving a country. You are more apt to run into problems with customs if you are carrying large quantities of unmarked pills. If you are traveling with a “reasonable number” of pills, you shouldn’t have problems here either.

We haven’t…. except for the time, years ago, in Africa when an overzealous customs agent wanted to know what kind of medication was in our “Lifesaver” candies.

What about liquid medications?

Here the TSA says liquid medications (and baby formula) “are allowed in reasonable quantities exceeding three ounces and are not required to be in the zip-top bag. Declare these items for inspection at the checkpoint.” This includes all prescriptions and over the counter medications including petroleum jelly, eye drops, and saline solution for medical purposes.

There is lots of information floating around on the internet about the best way to carry your pills. If you absolutely, positively want to avoid problems, carry them in the original containers… even over the counter pills like aspirin. Prescription medications should have the pharmacy label with your name on them.

Whether you choose to use a pill organizer, dump your pills all together like we do, or carry them in their individual original containers, traveling with pills shouldn’t be a problem if you travel with a reasonable amount.

Newzealand is one of the best destinations for adventurers and excitement. Anyone can visit this country with bunch of mates. All types of customers domestic or international all enjoy their holidays with Rent Campervan New Zealand. There are several reasons why one should rent a campervan. First, it gives one the complete freedom of choice which means that you can travel at your leisure. There is nothing more enjoying than renting or Hire Campervan with a few buddies and hitting the road. Leave all of your cares behind and travel in the beautiful countryside. Whenever you have time you can enjoy completely. Moreover with them you can stop just anywhere and explore through the roads. You yourself are in charge of the arrivals and departures.

Second, with it you can save great deal of money. Combine the expenses of airline tickets, van rentals, hotel accommodation and all and add them. The expenses will cut down up to a great extent. With New Zealand Campervans you don’t need to worry about daily rise in hotel and air tickets rates. With campervan hiring you can cut down the vacation expenditure. Third, with it you can travel together without any fear of missing the flight and coach. You don’t need to stand in queues for check in and boarding. Anyone having a dream of traveling in campervan can fulfill it by visiting this beautiful country. It is not at all out of budget, it is affordable for all.

New Zealand Campervans come in various sizes starting from 2 to 6th berth. It has various facilities such as facility to sleep, eat, entertain, washroom, shower etc. Often the amenities mentioned above differ as per the size of campervan. With a 2 and 3 berth campervan one can get a high roof, along with bed and kitchen. The amenities in kitchen vary from company to company. Mostly all of them have the basics such as stove, crockery, gas etc. If you are someone traveling in group of 2 then hire 2 berth campervan.

With 4/6 Motorhome Hire you can get luxurious facilities that one can get at 3 or 5 star hotels. They have lots of room along with plenty of amenities and storage space. With them one can get sufficient place for keeping luggage and getting relaxed. These motorhomes are a good option when travelling with families. With them one can travel in style. A Motorhome is often said as a house or say palace on wheels. It has place to sleep, cook, eat, have shower and much more to add. They also include heating so that the person inside can stay warmed during winters night.

What are you waiting for just gather up a few friends today and hit the roads of beautiful country of New Zealand with luxurious New Zealand Campervans. Get freedom and home comforts at an affordable rate with a campervan. Look for rental companies by going online. Check their rates and compare the price and services. This will help you in making wise decision.

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