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Zofia Maqbool loves to visit new places and believes that it is a perfect way to relax the mind as well as the body. She has traveled to various wonderful places and has been a part of many adventurous trips. She is keenly interested in visiting new places, experiencing new things, tasting different cuisines, meeting people from distinct cultures and learning from them. Being a traveler, she perceives that traveling can revitalize the boring and exhausting daily routine. For this, she plans a vacation after every four months and likes traveling to amazing destinations across the world. She has done trekking through dense jungles, experienced scuba-diving, and climbed the towering peaks as well.

Zofia Maqbool has a passion for river rafting, hiking, and skiing. She has been to Valdez, Alaska, which has the most beautiful heli-skiing destinations in the world of skiing. When it comes to river rafting, she has enjoyed the high tides of white-water rafting in Kawarau River, New Zealand. In leisure hours, she likes to involve herself in swimming, skating, skiing, hiking, and river rafting. Apart from this, she has traveled all around the world in order to explore the wonders of nature. For the sake of her passion for photography, she has also visited many European countries, Middle East, and Africa. Besides this, she explored Australia and America in order to hone her diving and trekking skills.

Zofia Maqbool is a religious woman who feels proud to be a Muslim. She believes that Islam is not merely a religion but a systematic way of life. She intends to visit Gulf Countries especially Yemen, Saudi Arab, Dubai, South Africa, Jordan, etc. She opines that this world is a test for hereafter and all human beings are examined here by God.

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