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When you’re on your way definitely do not want to bother with small things that make it difficult for you. You do not need to worry about this. With simple items you will not encounter problems in the course of your holiday.
Here’s a simple thing valuable cheap and easy to obtain useful and can help you during a trip traveling:

1. Orange Lemon
After you finish the roads your body odor will be uncomfortable because of the sweat that you produce a day. You do not need to worry, because lemon can handle. The trick mix the lemon juice and water. Moreover, lemon can keep the color of your clothes so that it always looks new.

2. Towel
Towels are generally used for drying off after a shower, but it has other functions towels. Namely for drying clothes. Do I put the clothes that have been squeezed in your towel. Then fold up all the clothes covered with a towel. Press towels by using feet to a few moments. This can be done in emergency situations.

3. Razor
Razors that are not used can use to flatten dress or jacket with feathers for lifetimes. By smoothed using a razor, your jacket will look neater and like new.

4. Oil Lavender
During the rainy season, the threat of dengue fever is increasing. Instead of using the perfume with a pungent odor, you can use lavender oil for fragrances, clothing an effective deterrent of mosquitoes and other insects.

5. Ice Cube
The most delicious when being relaxed sitting on the terrace while enjoying a glass of soda with ice cubes. Well, if your pants exposed to secondhand gum when sitting, do not worry. By rubbing an ice cube on the affected gum pants, you can easily remove it with the help of light wash the knife in your pants.

6. Baby Powder
If your clothes soiled with oil need not worry. Just simply sprinkle baby powder on top of the stain, then rinse and wash as usual. Noda will be easily lost.

7. Tea Bags
The tea bag is also useful to eliminate odors in your shoes. Especially if your feet sweat easily. Leave overnight the tea bag inside your shoes to repel odor.

Have a nice trip.

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